Understanding The Dogs BARF Diet

The Dogs BARF Diet

The Barf Diet for Dogs basically consists of feeding raw food to your dogs.

Why do this?

This way the food is purer nutrients with no unnatural additives or fillers. Just like we do not need the additives in our food the dogs do not need them either. This raw dog food is made of the same nutritional ingredients that we eat just raw not cooked.

 Why Should You Feed Dogs Raw Food?

Dogs living in the wild, the way they used to, eat similar to the Dogs BARF Diet. They after all did not have access to commercial food which contains all sorts of ingredients. So their systems are built to digest this raw dog food better just by nature.

BARF Diet - Raw food Diet for Dogs

 Some Benefits of the Dogs BARF Diet

There are many benefits for a dog fed the BARF. Some of these are listed below:

  •     The teeth will be cleaner which can make the breath smell better
  •     Skin will be healthier
  •     Dog’s digestive system works more efficiently
  •     Less hair shedding can occur
  •     Allergy symptoms can be relieved
  •     Extra energy can be attained
  •     The dog’s health is better
  •     Stools are smaller which makes them easier to pass along with them being firmer

What Goes into a Dogs BARF Diet?

Are you wondering what all you need to feed your dog on this Dogs BARF Diet? Raw meat and bones are some of the main ingredients. Turkey, beef, chicken, pork and more can be used.

Do not cook the bones ever for this diet that is when they splinter. Kidneys and livers should also be included too at least about 10 percent of their total intake of this raw dog food.

The meats are an important source of protein. Raw bones are a good source for calcium and help the dogs clean their teeth.

You should include veggies, eggs, even some dairy and fruits. They supply some vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of your dog. Also veggies provide fiber for the digestive system.

Eggs are a great source for protein and calcium. Unlike humans though, dogs do not need grains though, this is what is wrong with many of the commercial-dog food.

Right Quantity of Food

When using this type of diet you have to make sure you know the right quantity to feed the dog. An adult dog usually needs about 2 percent to 4 percent of its weight each day. Adjust this according to the dog; some older dogs need to shed a few pounds some don’t.

When puppies are growing though, they need much more food per day percentage wise than adult dogs. They need about 10 percent of their body weight in food during this period of time. But be careful with the bones they cannot eat the bones as well as adults.

What Type of Raw Food to Buy

The best raw meat and other raw foods to buy for the Dogs BARF Diet would be organically fed and/or grown. This way you are sure that unwanted chemicals do not enter your dog’s body. So search out a butcher and farmer near you, who sells this type of food, for you to include in the raw dog food you give your pooch.

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