The Nutritional Value Of A Raw Dog Food Diet, A BARF Diet Is A Highly Nutritious One For Your Pet Dog

To guarantee the best possible nutrition for your dog, you should consider putting him on a raw dog food diet.  In this particular diet, food is given in its natural raw form, allowing it to provide the appropriate nutrients your dog requires. It is a sound diet for growing dogs (your puppy) as well as older dogs and particularly dogs that have physical challenges such as pregnant dogs, older dogs, and dogs with diseases.

When fed in correct portions, raw food will provide your dog the best diet it could probably have. This means it will be more healthy for a longer time. This is known as the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet program.  Professional dog people around the world, prefer it simply because it is precisely that, biologically appropriate.  The uncooked diet plan is really what the animals ancestors and forefathers loved generally in the wild.  It’s natural and therefore the one which is most appropriate to them.

A raw dog food diet that contains the proper mix of nutrients for your dog should be comprised of raw meats, raw meaty bones, veggies, and fruit. Uncooked meats provide protein, which is important for a dog’s health and immune system. Uncooked meaty bones, additionally  provide calcium and phosphorous, that growing dogs require to help their bones develop. Same with pregnant dogs which require them in order to help their growing puppies build powerful bones as well.

The vitamins and nutrients your dog derives from veggies include Vitamins A, B, C, and K. These types of vitamins help your dog’s sensory organs healthy – eyesight is just one example. Beyond this,  a raw dog food diet that includes veggies helps your dog digestion by providing it with plenty of fiber.

Fiber will help clean out your dog’s system, ensuring regular bowel movements. This flushes toxins out of your dog’s body regularly, and also prepares your dog’s system for optimal digestion of the future foods it will consume.

Two additional foods that you must incorporate in your raw dog food diet are fruits and liver. Fruit pumps your dog with plenty of vitamin C which will help maintain their immune system. They provide antioxidants, which will help your dog fight off free radicals which can lead to cancer and aging.  Berries are extremely good sources of antioxidants.

Liver provides your dog with essential nutrients such as iron, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin B12, all of which your dog requires to keep up its energy, and keep it’s body lean.

The BARF diet can offer your dog all the vitamins and minerals it needs at every stage of life.  In fact, when fed in the correct ratios, you won’t have to give your dogs vitamin supplements.

But how do you find out how much of each kind of food to feed your dog? How can you tell whether your dog is actually getting all the nutrients it needs? Are there guidelines that can help you confirm whether your dog is thriving on a raw food diet or not?

This is the subject matter of the latest book by Maggie Rhines known as “Going RAWR! Dog Lovers Compendium”.  You will find a complete list of the vitamins and minerals your dog requires, and discover ways to spot deficiencies. This book also talks about the doggie food pyramid, and covers how much of each kind of food your dog needs to meet the variable needs of growing and grown pups, as well as big dogs and small dogs alike.

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