Sojos Dog Food Review

Review: Sojos Dog Food

from Sojourner Farms

Sojos Dog Food from Sojourner Farms is an excellent solution for the dog owner who wants to provide their dog the many health benefits of a biologically appropriate raw dog food diet.

They offer four varieties the newest being Sojos Complete Beef, Sojos Original Dog Food Mix, Sojos Grain Free Dog Food Mix and Sojos Complete with freeze dried raw Turkey.

Sojos Dog Food

Sojo Dog Food

Ward and Maggie Johnson have been leaders in the natural dog food movement that has been so successful in teaching people about the value of a natural and raw approach to feeding their dogs.

Among the many benefits of their raw dog food is the fact that they do not use fillers, which means your dog will get more nutrition from less food. This makes the product that much more affordable, particularly when you understand that their prices include free shipping.

But more importantly, the lack of fillers is critical. Commercially produced products are often extended significantly with fillers. And while some people equate fillers with grain, that is a bit of a misconception. Quality grains are a plus for most dogs, unless they have a specific allergy. Good grains provide needed nutrients that your dog needs. But just like humans, they benefit from whole grains over the highly processed ones so often used commercially.

The bottom line is that whole grains are an important part of a balanced biologically appropriate diet for your dogs.

Fillers as I refer to them are low grade, not fit for human consumption, meats and grains that cost the dog food companies next to nothing because that’s what they are worth.

Sojos Dog Food mixes are all natural and do not contain preservatives.  The good news though is that they will still keep well, if you store them in a cool dry place. During hot humid weather you may want to store them in a water tight container or even put them in the freezer.

An important thing to remember with Sojos Dog Foods is that you need to soak the mixes in water in advance of serving them.  The bag has good directions. The reason for this is that soaking improves digestibility.  Both dogs and cats have short albeit powerful digestive systems. They are designed to quickly break down foods and absorb them. This is easier with meats than it is with grains and vegetables.  By properly soaking the mix you will be providing your animals with the best possible home made food, with the least amount of fuss.

When shifting your dogs from their current diet to the healthier Sojos diet, it’s best to transition into it over the course of several days to a week.  Your dog’s digestive system will adjust and welcome the fresh and nourishing Sojos dog food in a few days.

Sojos has been making quality dog foods since at least 1985 and have an excellent reputation. Their tag line is “Homemade Pet Food Made Easy.”

It’s that and more.

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We Highly Recommend Sojos Dog Food

Sojos Offers A Variety of Raw Dog Food Products Ideal For Your Dogs Health and Long Life


Sojos Dog Foods (8 lb Bags)

Sojos Dog Treats

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