Raw Dog Food Diets – A Period of Adjustment

Are you having issues now that you have started a raw dog food diet for your dogs?  Have you noticed loose stools and vomiting in your dog? It could be going through a detoxification period.

Detoxification happens because your dog’s body is being cleansed from its previous diet. It is a common and normal part of the process when you move to a healthier diet. How long it lasts can vary depending on how many toxins your dog has in his system. Most dogs experience at least some detox symptoms within a day or two of the switch to a raw diet which lasts a couple days or so.

In addition to vomiting and loose stools, your dog may exhibit additional signs of detoxification which can include foul odors, earwax build up, increased number of bowel movements, bad breath and itchy skin.

Did you know that you can choose to have your dog detoxified even before you start him on a raw dog food diet? There are some benefits to starting the detox early.

A period of advance detoxification will allow your dog’s body to be ready to absorb the good nutrition you will be offering with the raw food diet. Another benefit is that since your dog is going to be hungry once it’s been detoxified, it’ll be easier for him (and you) to get used to the new diet. This is a great bonus, especially for owners with picky eaters.

Here’s how to detox in advance, if that’s what you decide to do. Your dog will start with a fast for 2-3 days with just a liquid diet. Stop their old dog food completely and keep them on liquids only for two or three days. Then switch to just water for two more days. You may also give broths if you’re concerned about a lack of energy. This process will aid your dog in eliminating the toxin build up they are suffering. Once they have completed the fast, they will be ready to enjoy their new raw dog food diet.

It’s your choice as to detox first and then start your dog on a raw food diet or start right in with the raw dog food. In either case, the dog will flush out the toxins of the past and that is a good thing. Dogs will get the best value of the nutrients in their food, once they have flushed their systems of the negative effects of the past. And while the interim steps may seem a bit rocky, they will end up much healthier in the long run.

There is a lot of help available for dog owners making the transition from commercially processed dog foods to healthy raw diets. One of the better resources is “Going Rawr! The Dog Lovers Compendium” by Maggie Rhines. Dog Lover’s Compendium”. Her’s is a easy to read and well researched exploration of the must know details every pet owner should understand about their dog’s dietary needs and why a raw dog food diet makes the most sense.

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