Dog Food BARF Style

What is Dog Food BARF style? It is food in raw state without any additives. Today, many people are turning to this diet to help their dogs be healthier and overcome certain food allergies. This diet is based on the idea that dogs are better fed naturally like they used to eat in the wild. Feeding this raw dog food to their pets has helped many find a way to better provide nutrition for their canines. This way no strange additives or harmful ingredients can get into the food.

There are those dogs which have health issues of one sort of another. Some might have allergies other could have weight issues and so on. It has been proven that the Dog Food BARF style of feeding has been of help is alleviating these issues. The raw food diet along with the bones, provide enough nutrients such as important vitamins and minerals.

One big benefit to this type of diet is there are no additives such as preservatives. Dogs could be sensitive to these and this could be a base of their issues. Another benefit is that the dog will enjoy eating this food more than most of the commercial ones. Also it is better for building muscles since it has such a good amount of protein.

Many people say that it is cheaper to feed their dogs, which is always good. Big dogs especially can eat a lot of food and be a big expense. An important consideration for a family at all times. However, it is time consuming to put the meals together and this might not fit your lifestyle.

You should not just one day drop the commercial dog food and suddenly replace it with the raw dog food. Make the change to the Dog Food BARF concept gradually over a period of days. This will prevent any digestive upset just like with changing food suddenly normally.

On this diet you normally feed twice a day. The first meal should consist of raw meat bones and raw meat. Then the other meal for the day can have the raw meat, organ meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. Other foods can be given to supplement too in between. Good, hard bones to chew on are always recommended. Eggs and dairy products can also be given. Grains are left out of this diet because experts believe that grain causes many of the food allergies that the dog has.

With all this information do you think this raw dog food would help your dog be healthier? Join many others in their efforts to feed their dogs according the Dog Food BARF method. Search out a good butcher or buy your food direct from the farmer to use in this endeavor. These are the best places to get high-quality raw food. Get your dog on the right path to health today. Just like people are becoming more aware of what they eat, many of them are also concerned about what their dogs eat. Are you one of them?

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