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Charles asks…

Puppy Training?

I recently got a Pit Bull puppy. She is six weeks old and I have never worked on training a dog before other than house training. When I try to get her to work with me for sitting etc she just wants to play and bite, I know this is normal puppy behavior. What I am wondering is does anyone have tips specifically for training pit bull puppies?

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First off i would like to say congrats on your new little baby. Dispite what everyone on here is saying you can start training now. We start training out puppies at 6wks when they are fully weaned and on solid kibble. We make them sit and wait for us to put down the food. Teaches them paticence and to obey. Puppies are little balls of what can i do to please you espically pits or any of the bully breeds. Not only do you need to train her in basic obidence but also dont forget to socialize the heck out of the dog once she has had at least 2 sets of shots. Take her everywhere you go have her meet all sorts of people and other animals. For sit you just need a treat and hold it a little above the nose and then down at an angle and its a natural sit posture. And say sit. Then good girl. And with down put the treat nose level and then down to the floor and away and say down at the same time. Remember at 6wks they only have about a 3-5 min attention span so do it when you go to put her food down. Try to start with 2-3 times a day and then everyweek up it 1 time. So next week do it 3-4 times a day. And stay consistente with it. If you give her in inch she will take a mile. When she play bites grab her muzzle and squeeze lightly and get in her face and in a stern voice say NO gental or easy. I do agree with getting a crate but dont just leave her in their and only take her out to go potty and eat you need to spend time with her. And if you have a family everyone needs to get in on it so she know this is her family as well and she has to listen to everyone other wise you will run into problems cause she wont listen to anyone but you and thats not good. If you need anything else please feel free to email me and i can help. Best of luck Kelly

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