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Mark asks…

How to train my puppy to respond to my commands without any treats?

I have trained my puppy with some basic OB commands, e.g. sit, down, stay, stand etc…. I also taught him some tricks like turn, round etc.. basically he learns quite okay. The only problem is that, he will only perform when there’s a treat. No treat, he doesn’t really do it.

So, does anyone know how to train a puppy to respond to command without any treats??

Yahoo Answers answers:

You keep using treats until the bahaviors become reliable and the dog understands what the commands mean. Then you can implement LIGHT corrections for blatant refusal to comply. BUT you should still reward good behavior with treats.

UHave2B you’re really harming more dogs than you’re helping with the macho rambo koehler crap. Some users here work with hard working dogs and I can understand their viewpoints on training dogs but you’re talking giving corrections to puppies…”pet” puppies. “Well all dogs should be stable hard dogs even pets and…” and they’re not. Too bad. That’s not reality. What is reality is this “put a prong on it” bs is giving uninformed pet owners instant gratification but is causing more issues than solving.

That out of the way…I’d like to see some users here who advocate the not training of a dog’s stomach try their rambo techniques on one of the “real” dogs they talk about. They’d be in the hospital crying “that animal should be put down, he’s clearly not stable!”…it’s not a coincidence that people who train koehler have more issues with handler aggression than people who train with modern methods.

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