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Lisa asks…

Training New Puppies??

Does anyone have any advice on training a new puppy?? anything like house training or teaching trick or just training ini general….

Yahoo Answers answers:

For Potty Training A Puppy
Take them out as soon as
They wake up
They eat
They drink
After they have played for 10 mins
Before they go to bed

You must go out with them and say your potty word to them.. I use ***hurry up****… As soon as they go / become all excited and rush them back into the house for a treat. It may be slow but puppies soon learn.. I go out to pee and then come back in for a treat… They are so smart.

Don’t ever put your puppy outside for like 15 or 30 mins and think they know what they are really outside for… That method won’t work very fast….. (smiles)..

Teach your puppy to sit and down using very tiny treats of hot dog.. Like a hot dog cut into 4th lengthwise and then sliced like balogna… Remember they need help to know what you are wanting them to do … If they come and sit right smack in front of you and look up… Get to the frig where you should have some already sliced… Praising them all the way….

WOW have fun with you little one- keep everything motivational…

Good Luck
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