BARF Raw Dog Food

Some people believe in the BARF Raw Dog Food diet and others have their concerns. Each has their own view on the topic. The ones against this diet think there are too many risks while the ones for it think the benefits of this raw dog food outweigh the risks. Let’s look further into this diet to see what is what about it.

Good Nutrition

First, let’s talk about what good nutrition means to a dog. It means it grows up with stronger healthier bones, teeth and body. The dog’s eyes will see better and be less likely to have problems. Its fur will be thicker and shinier. Improved immune function will be realized. This means less risk of infections occurring such as the ones brought on by parasite, fungus or bacteria. Joints are healthier so less chance of arthritis forming. Digestive processes work more efficiently to pull the nutrients out of food. The dog will even have better hearing. The health of other organs in the canine’s system will operate more effectively. All this will help the dog live longer and after all it is part of your family.

Fear Aggressiveness

The people against this BARF Raw Dog Food diet fear it will make their dog aggressive. This is because they think giving the raw meat and bones will bring it on. Some zookeepers think the same thing and will give the raw meat but not the whole carcass.

The Owners who are for This Diet

Owners that like this raw dog food diet disagree on the problems and think it is just to boost sales on more commercial-types of dog food. They like this diet because they see a positive difference in their dog’s health on it.

Oral Health Benefits

Many see an improvement in their dog’s oral health with it chewing on bones and having to chew raw meats. This helps to clean the teeth as well as keep tooth decay from happening. When the teeth are cleaner the gums are naturally healthier.


Back to the risks for the BARF Raw Dog Food diet, because of so many bones being digested there is a chance of the airway getting obstructed of intestinal problems. These risks are the same with many of the dog toys, rawhide chews or other treats that you can buy though.


The proponents of this raw dog food diet do say though that the dogs will have some diarrhea when first changing over to it from the commercial food. This is just the body’s way of cleaning itself out. Just go slowly when transitioning between foods.

Now you have seen some of the pros and cons of the BARF Raw Dog Food diet. The only true way to know if it will help your dog be healthier is to try it on him or her. Just make sure to buy food from a healthy source, try to get organically grown or fed when possible. This eliminates the antibiotics, preservatives and even pesticides from your dog’s system.

To learn more about the Raw Dog Food diet and how to use it with your dog(s) I recommend you read the excellent eBook, Going Rawr by Maggie Rhines. It is probably the best resource on the topic out there today.


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