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Raw Dog Food - Discover the Ultimate Diet For Your Dog | BARF Biologically Appropriate Raw Dog Food Diets For Dogs

Home Made Raw Dog Food From a Bag

Quality Home Made Raw Dog Food

It’s easier said than done.

The best shortcut is to get a dependable source of quality raw ingredients you can trust and add your own meat or even just water.

Watch this video from SOJO’s a Minneapolis based top quality resource for those who want to ensure their dogs (and cats) are getting the best possible nutrition from raw sources.


Learn more here 

Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Hard Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

Thomas asks…

is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks?

we’re adopting a 5 yr old golden retriever..and he always sits on the furniture..how hard will it be to teach him to stop doing that?

Yahoo Answers answers:

Try a water bottle & spray him whenever he does it. It worked with my dog and it doesn’t hurt them.

For a more comprehensive look at dog training check out the Dog Training System.  See my blog post on it.  It is possible to train an older dog, despite sayings  to the contrary.

Go to: http://raw-dogfood.com/Articles/the-dog-training-system.html

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Training Collars

Chris asks…

How to quickly train my dog to listen to me?

Not something that will take months, if I don’t get him under control my whitetrash neighbors will call the police or something.

I’ve been told things about this Don Sullivan guy and his dog training DVD/command collar. Anyone know of this? It’s supposed to work faster than most methods but I’m not sure what it is. I don’t want to hurt my dog, just want him to listen.

Yahoo Answers answers:

We don’t like to get hurt. And while training collars can work, there are hurt free ways that work as well if not better. See our post on the Dog Training System. We recommend it over training collars and I promise you,  your dog will prefer it as well.


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