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Betty asks…

How do I get my three month old puppy to pay attention while I’m training him?

He has the attention span of a gnat, and whenever I try to teach him something or do any training he just wanders off and chews things like the little black lab he is. I try to be gentle and reward good behavior, but it doesn’t work.

They make it sound so easy in the training books! Is there something I’m missing?

Yahoo Answers answers:

At this point you need to work only on one trick at a time, sit, shake, lie down, stay, leave it, etc. Work for only about 5 minutes and use really good treats like sliced hot dog, boiled chicken. Puppies have only small attention spans so if you start working for too long you’ve lost them.

Entice with the treats, when you have his attention first work on the command “watch me” you hold the treat up by your face and say “watch me” of course his eyes will follow the treat to your face, when he holds eye contact for a few seconds, reward and say “good watch me” He should learn over time that when you say watch me he will pay attention to you. Once he’s learned that then work on sit and so on and so forth, as he gets older work on more complicated tricks and you can increase the time as they get older, but no trick lesson should ever go for longer than 15 minutes. And always remember, KEEP IT FUN FOR YOUR DOG. If it’s not fun he won’t want to learn, and a good trick is only reward the behavior you want, which means as soon as he does the behavior you want reward immediately and get all excited and praise really well, if they know they’ve pleased you they will be more than happy to try it again

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Puppy Training

Ruth asks…

Puppy potty training…again?

I asked this yesterday, but had problems with the site. So I received no answers. My question is this, I have a four month old chihuahua puppy. I confine her to my master bathroom when we are not home during the day. We have pad trained her due to the fact that she is home with our other pets for at least six to eight hours a day. She is very good at using her pad in the bathroom but when we let her out into the rest of the house she just goes where ever she feels. I have tried putting pads in other rooms of the house and have caught her several times and taken her to a pad, but she just seems to not want to use a pad when she is not in the bathroom. I do not want to leave her locked in the bathroom all day every day. We would like her to be a part of the family when we are home. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her trained in the rest of my house?

Yahoo Answers answers:

Puppies need more than just the smell of a puppy pad for training, so whether you’d like her to continue using pads while you’re home or you want to take her outside, there’s some training on your part & learning on her part that needs to take place.

Start by putting your puppy on a potty schedule, a little sooner than when she tends to go (every half hour, every hour, etc.), then take her to where you’d like her to potty and use an encouraging word or phrase that she can associate with going (“hurry up,” “go potty,” etc.). You might consider setting a timer for every time you want to take her out. When she goes in the right place, give her lots of praise! You may even want to give her a small treat after going for reinforcement. It may take a few days before she gets the hang of things, but she’ll eventually learn where you want her to go.

Additional Info: I have a small dog (yorkie/maltese mix) and this is how we successfully trained her to go on a puppy pad during the day when we are gone & outside in the yard when we are home.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Training Books

Paul asks…

How much does dog training cost?

Does anyone know how much dog training costs? I’m in Riverside, CA and have seen private companies like K-9 Companions and Barkbuster, but I don’t know how much to expect to spend. Any thoughts?

Yahoo Answers answers:

I just stumbled on this and have been looking it over…seems like something pretty neat. It’s an E-training class that is live or recorded with interactions….


It seems like a decent alternative to people that aren’t in an area that offers classes or training.

ADD>>> I see people also recommending petsmart. They “can” be a good place and are very reasonable in costs as well as have a 100% guarantee. The thing to do is check out the trainer first though (there are even bad professionals in private practice). Watch some classes…talk to students and see if it might be what you need before just enrolling. I know some great trainers and some that aren’t so great. If you’re familiar with Zac George from Animal Planet…he was a petsmart trainer and is well known for his training skills :)

ADD>>> Also, training yourself is definitely cheaper but if you don’t know what you’re doing it can cause more problems. It’s always best to get the basics from a reliable trainer then fine tuning your skills at home. Books have all the information you need if you understand the basics but I’ve seen people that even in classes, struggle. If you have specific problems you can’t solve yourself, look into a basic obedience class. Even if they don’t have the very best trainer you can learn some basic skills.

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