Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Health Insurance

Thomas asks…

Where are all of the small companies that will be required to supply health insurance for workers going to get?

the money to pay for it?

How many jobs is the Obama administration willing to flush down the toilet for his plan?

Who’s going to pay for the unemployed health insurance?

This is like Hillary Care ll. Back when Bill was elected she said that they couldn’t be responsible for all of the under capitalized small businesses out there and they would just have to close their doors if they couldn’t afford to provide health insurance for its workers.

Yahoo Answers answers:

We’re expected to either go out back and pick the money off our money tree or simply put our hand between our butt cheeks and squeeze it out!

The moron is out to destroy America and capitalism. Under this plan, he is going to do away with all of the mom and pop businesses that have prospered just a little and they’re going to have to completely re think private contractor industry.

I own a dog grooming shop. My wife and I employ five full time, two part time and two seasonal. We didn’t “Hire” any one. Instead, we contract out the work to other small business owners who work for themselves. They are responsible for their own hours and taxes. Under Obama, all of these small business owners will simply go away, unable to pay their employees health care insurance plans.

We looked at offering insurance several years ago and found that we would be required to pay out $600 a month and then each “employee” would then be required to pay a little too. We’re barely making the bills now. $600?! Somebody’s smokin’ somethin!

The answer then is education. Those who have higher education generally land better paying jobs and can then afford the priviledge of health care insurance. Those who don’t go on to higher education get to work at minimum wage jobs and suffer the consequences of their poor life decisions.

Obama and the boys want to completely remove personal responsibility and accountability.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Can’t Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

John asks…

Teaching an old dog new tricks?

i have a really sweet dog that is about 8 or 9 years old. I have heard the you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Is it true? Or is it just for some dogs? Is my dog too old for new tricks?

Yahoo Answers answers:

Myth, you’re good to go, good luck.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Puppy Training Treats

Thomas asks…

puppy potty training?

i have a 11 week old puppy still not potty trained. we have tried to crate her and she freaks out and has separation anxiety. she sleeps with us in our bed most of the night. we had her trained at one point to go on command outside but then we went on a vacation and all of our hard work undone. we will bring her outside and she will not go most of the time. we cant leave her out because she just scratches the door. cant stand to be alone. so sometimes she pretends top pee so we praise her and give her a treat. then we will bring her in the house and she will pee and poop after we take our eyes off her for a second. she is also fearful of almost everything. im at the end of my rope i don’t know what to do.
i cannot crate her. and she wont stay outside on the leach. what should i do about her pretending cause sometimes i think she is actually peeing.

Yahoo Answers answers:

It takes a whole lot of patience to train a puppy. Mine is now 9 months and it took about 2 full months for her to be completely trained to go outside. She never took to the wee wee pads, so we had to take her out EVERY 30 minutes until she had no choice but to go outside. We rewarded her when she did – even though she still had accidents in the house – we sternly told her “bad girl” when she did, but not in a way that was yelling, just stern so she would get that we were upset. You HAVE to be persistent – get right back to it regardless of how long you were gone for, now is the time otherwise you will be stuck with a dog who thinks its ok to go to the bathroom in the house. But, when your efforts have paid off, it is worth it :) good luck.

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