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Susan asks…

How to potty train my 6yr old dog?

I have a Sheltie mixed and she’s always peeing, and pooping in the basement, and im so sick of cleaning after her. I even taught her a trick where she’d scratch the door to let me know if she has to potty. Sometimes she pees sometimes she doesn’t yet she’ll still pee in the basement when im not looking. I try to even keep her out for as long as she needs but that’s not helping either. Help! :(

Yahoo Answers answers:

Hi Jasmine,

Have you heard of The Housebreaker? It prevents dogs from peeing in the house and helps “catch” them in the act of peeing when you are not looking – like in the basement for instance. This is what you can do:

(1) Get a crate. The crate is like a bedroom and safe place for her to stay when you are not home to monitor her activity. She will like the safe home as long as it is safe and not used for punishment. It should only be slightly larger than her. Even with a crate, she still needs to be taken out frequently. Take her out after every drink, snack, play time, and when she wakes from naps. She won’t want to pee in her “bedroom/crate” but will do it if he cannot hold her pee and has a real accident. 

(2) Get The Housebreaker. This thing rocks! The Housebreaker has a little sensor that she wears when you are home. It is placed in a diaper and will alert you immediately as soon as she tries to have an accident. You can take her to the correct place to pee (outside). The alarm will tell the dog that she is doing something wrong so she will learn right away (it “catches” the dog trying to pee in your house but doesn’t hurt her). The best part – the thing prevents the pee from getting on the floor so there are no messes to clean up. There will be no more pee to clean up! It’s awesome. I wish someone had told me about it years ago (maybe it wasn’t out yet). Either way – you should get it. Check it out – the website is

Good luck!

Take Care!

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Puppy Training Videos

Charles asks…

Puppy Crate Training?

Our family is getting a beagle puppy at the end of the month, but both my parents work full time and I’ll be at school for about 8 hours of the day. We know it’s a bad time to get the puppy, but we love beagles and this was the only breeder we could find even remotely close to our area that had reasonably priced puppies. We have a crate to put her in for the day while we’re gone, and we’re going to have a family friend stop by every few hours to let the dog out and interact with it. And the puppy won’t be alone all day, as we have a 7 year old female beagle who will most likely go and lay by the crate. I guess the question isn’t so much crate training, just if there was anything in this plan we could change for the better. Thanks for your help!

Yahoo Answers answers:

Well, you know the saying “puppy love”, right? Well, the puppy hasnt figured out it will be alone someimes. Dont worry, it doesnt take long! (Pepper is a black lab and almost 8 years old, and we did this with him.) for the first few days when he was a puppy, we had to put his kennel in the basement (now he sleeps in his doggy bed… Once he tried the couch, and i got it on video!) cause he wouldnt stop barking… So, we got a clock that ticks, so he thought it was his mothers heartbeat, and that REALLY helped the barking! (also, we gave him a old tigger plush and he would sleep with it! It was so cute!!! … Two months later, bye bye tigger… XD) also, when your gone, leave the radio on a music or talk station that runs 24/7. The dog will be comforted because people are talking and it wont feel lonely (it works great on pepper!) we leave the radio on when we are gone for awhile (but not long enough for someone to watch him) and he is soooo calm when we get home. Before he would act like he does when we get back from the trips that require someone to watch him. Beagle’s are a lot of fun! Best puppy wishes!

-Sukai Itami

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Clothes Nyc

Mark asks…

Where can I get a Bright green fluorescent sweatshirt?

Similar color to what the vendors wear at the ball park
I mean the the kind thats supposed to make you stand out

Yahoo Answers answers:

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