Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Tricks

Susan asks…

Are there any fun dog tricks out there?

I’m looking for some really fun and different dog tricks that are not your average sit or lie down.

Yahoo Answers answers:

I recommend “hide and seek.” I saw this trick on Animal Planet, and taught my Boxer rather quickly. Basicly, I use the sit and stay command, I then hide a treat or a toy in another room, and when I say “Come find it!” he comes barrelling out and uses his nose to find the item. He absolutely LOVES to play this game because it allows him to use his natural instincts, and keeps him busy for a while. I love it because it keeps him up to date on his sit and stay commands, and burns some of his energy, without burning mine. Also, when we show guests this trick they think it is absolutely awesome. You should see some of the hiding places he successfully uncovers!

Anyway, in order to teach him, you get him to sit and stay. I let my dog smell the treat, and then while he is staying you walk a distance away, but still in his view and drop the treat. You say “Come Find It” (this works well because it begins with “Come”) and then allow him to eat the treat. You continue to do this moving farther away, and then around the corner but in an obvious place, and then slowly make the hiding places more difficult. Trust me, you and your dog will love this game.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Training Videos

David asks…

Where are guide dogs trained in the uk?

I’m doing some research and I need to know where I can see guide dogs being trained. I can find out lots about the dogs themselves on the Internet but not where they are trained.

Yahoo Answers answers:

Usually a guide dog in the UK is placed in a foster home to learn the basics in training, when they are about a 6-8months they get placed with another person who will take them out and start the work training, they usually have a coat on saying blind dog in training here is a site that has some videos on their training and what they go through to qualify if this is no help type in guide dogs for the blind all sorts of sites come up which may be useful for you, best of luck with your research honey.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Health

Sandy asks…

why do people with very sick animals ask questions on this site ?

Sometimes I can’t believe the questions about cat/dog health when quite clearly they should be asking a vet ! If people can’t afford to see a vet, then perhaps they should not have the pet. There are so many people here happy to answer questions about stuff they know nothing about but most of the health questions are very obviously in need of vet help.
Lisa B has very valid points but if these poor people have internet access, then are better looking at vetinary sites than asking loads of folk who don’t care.

Yahoo Answers answers:

Don’t come down too hard either on the people who ask or the people who try to help.

If you have a limited income, taking your pet to the vet at the first sign of a problem is just too hard. Also, work can really get in the way. And people may live a ways from the nearest vet.

So asking here first is not so bad. For one thing, you will either get some good advice or you will be told in no uncertain terms to get that animal to the vet.

As far as the people answering, yes, some just say things they don’t really know, but a lot of people are very knowledgeable, and give good advice.

It is very cruel to say that people should not have a pet if they cannot afford to take their animals to the vet immediately to find out if throwing up might be a serious problem. Some very responsible pet owners are poor and would rather skimp on food than not provide really necessary vet care.

Also, some pet owners are kids whose parents provided the pet and might not be willing to spring for the vet right away. Let’s help those kids know when it’s critical to fight over the issue, and give them the ammunition to do it with.

Sorry to preach a bit. Your point is not wrong, but I think you are making it too broad. Let’s not discourage people from looking for help or from offering it.

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