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Carol asks…

Should I let my dog sit in the window sill?

I have a 3 year old plott hound mix who is dominant and we just started taking him to dog training class. They said no on the bed or couch with us but he loves sitting on a cushion in our bay window looking outside. He even likes to sleep there during the day is that ok? I really don’t want to take that away from him since he likes it so much.
The reason they said no bed or furniture because you don’t want a dominant dog to be at the Same level as you!

Yahoo Answers answers:

I was told that you’re not supposed to let them get up on the back of the couch to declare dominance. I guess any place higher than you they’re not supposed to be able to sit. I also heard your suppsed to pin the dog down and growl at it to show you’re alpha male, it made me laugh. I’ve never tried it, don’t plan on it either.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Health Benefits

Sandra asks…

How do I get into yoga on my own?

I’m interested in trying yoga to become more flexible and I’ve heard it has a lot of health benefits. The thing is, I don’t want to go to a yoga class (and I’m pretty sure my small town doesn’t even have them). What is the best way to get into it on my own with no prior knowledge about yoga? Any tips or advice? Anything I should buy first to aid in learning about yoga?

Yahoo Answers answers:

Go to a Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or a health store to buy a mat and a yoga DVD. Also, you can search the internet for poses to practice. Try the down dog pose, the warrior pose, the tree pose, the boat pose, to name a few. If you do these they will make you more flexible and they even make you sore! I know because I practice them. :)

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Hard Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

Paul asks…

How many hours of play time should a puppy get?

I have a Doberman puppy he’s a month and 25 days old.
I feel really tired, i have been playing with him all day.
He doesn’t sleep unless hes on my laps, and if he does sleep and i try putting him in his house he wakes up and he gets on my lap again.
I really love my puppy. I don’t want to hear well u shouldn’t have gotten him. My cousin has a Siberian Husky but he doesn’t need that much attention.
Thank You

Yahoo Answers answers:

It doesn’t sound like you are a very strong leader for your pack member. If you keep letting him call the shots, he will never listen to you.
Also, regardless of if your cousin has a Siberian Husky or not, dogs, especially puppies, need attention and play time regularly. They should also have training time. Dobermans (actually most breeds) aim to please, and they love training especially if YOU get excited about it.
Try playing for a while to get the energy out, and then calm everything down and train. He is at a prime age to teach obedience and even fun tricks =)
As far as him liking to sleep on your lap, they are really affectionate dogs. It is not hard to break them of it, but they love to be with their human as much as possible.
Not everyone can successfully own a Doberman, but if you put forth the effort, it will work out.

My big baby is 90 lbs of muscle and she likes to think of herself as a 10 lb lap dog. She is 9 and knows her place in the family very well, but every once in a while she gets sneaky. She has the energy of a year old pup sometimes, racing around the yard! He will grow out of wanting to play all the time. Also, you can get him some chew toys, something that can keep him busy himself.

Good luck, and have fun with him =)

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