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Richard asks…

How to get my lab to stop nipping ?

My 10 month old puppy bites and jumps on people. We are having company over for the holidays and they have small children who are afraid of big dogs.
She does exercise a good amount everyday ( we live on a lot of land).
What are some thing things I can work on with her to stop the biting and jumping?
I know she probably won’t be the perfect dog by thanksgiving but I need to try.

Yahoo Answers answers:

Train the dog.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Clothes Hangers

Carol asks…

roles and responsibilities of nursery room assistant?

I need to write an essay on my setting,roles and responsibilities- tma
I will appreciate if anyone can give me some description of their settings,I have to write about my setting as well.Many thanks for yr time.

Yahoo Answers answers:

We have our 2, 3, 4, and VPK rooms all set up this way. We have centers: Art, science, math, home living, blocks, manipulative’s, library, quiet corner,puppet corner, circle time and music and movement.
They consist of:
Art- scissors, crayons, markers, pencils, colored pencils, plain paper, construction paper, collage material, hole puncher, stapler, rulers, stencils, magazines, glue, glue sticks, water colors, paint brushes, tempera paint, play doh, clay,finger paint and an art easel.
Science- sea shells, rocks, pine cones, plants, fish, magnifying glasses, thumb prints of the children, dinosaurs, counting fish, magnets.
Math- cash register, math games, math puzzles, tape measures, rulers and play money.
Home Living- Kitchen set with dishes and food, pots and pans, dolls and doll clothes, high chair, crib, disabilities equipment, dress up clothes, dress up shoes, mirror, coat hanger and table and chairs.
Blocks- wooden blocks, cardboard blocks, animals, cars and people with disabilities.
Manipulative’s- Legos, puzzles, games, counting and sorting toys, matching toys, sequencing toys and lacing toys.
Library- Books, soft couch and chairs and rug.
Quiet Corner- Big dog pillow, pillows, card table to give them a smaller space and stuffed animals.
Puppet corner- Puppets
Circle time- Big rug with letters, bulletin board with calendar, numbers, schedule of the day and rules of the classroom.
Music and Movement- CD player, CD’s (multicultural of course), scarves for movement, parachute and musical instruments.

I hope that this is what you need. Good luck!

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Tricks Videos

Sandy asks…

What are some tricks I can teach my hamster?

I had a book that taught hamsters tricks but then I lost it… :(
So does anyone out there have any good ideas on some good hammy tricks?

Yahoo Answers answers:

Hamsters are not exactly as you would say, as “smart” as some other animals like dogs, but they are DEFINATLY NOT stupid! Hamsters can’t be tought a wide variaty of tricks like as a dog can. It is easy to teach them simple tiricks like what they would do in the wild.

Trick #1 — Stand up!!
You can teach them to stand up on their hind legs
Hamsters often do this in the wild, so it is quite easy to learn. If you see him/her preforming this action in the cage rewards him with a treat or sunflower seed. Give this action a name so he can reconize it, such as “UP”
Hold the treat right above his head and say “UP” give him the treat every time he preforms it. He should get the hang of it after a while. Be sure not to over feed!

Trick # 2 —Hamster Agility Course!!
You can purchase hamster agility courses as seen below in the youtube video off of ebay, or pet stores. Just let your hamster follow the treat in your hand up, over, in, out, and around all of the obsticles! HERE IS THE VIDEO

Trick #3—— Calling your pet by name!!
This is one of the harder tricks to accomplish. Calling your pet by name. Put your hamster on your floor, supervised by you of course. If your hamster comes over to you, lable that action his name (I will say Luna for arguments sake since that is my hamsters name) So when your hamster comes over to you, say “LUNA” and give him a treat. Let him venture off a little, and when ever he comes back to you repete the process. Always remember to reward with treats. This trick is very hard to learn, although some hamsters grasp the concept quite quickly!

Good luck with the tricks =D

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