Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Tricks High Five

Charles asks…

How to teach my dog to rollover?

I want to teach my dog rollover. She knows sit, down, shake, go, high five. Ive tried putting her in the down position and luring her with a treat to roll by putting it on her side and moving it slightly when she comes close but shell roll halfway. And are there any other tricks that u recommend and how i would teach her? And do i teach her arms up by having her do high five for both of her hands?
I got the idea of luring her from youtube. Any otber ideas

Yahoo Answers answers:

First have her lay down. Then with a favorite treat in your hand,take the treat and put it towards her nose, slowly moving the treat from her nose to her ear & back farther. The dog will follow the treat with her head as you move the treat. She will then atomically roll over because she is still trying to get the treat. Praise her like crazy and give her the treat. Do this several times in a row until the dog atomically rolls over.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Training Schools

Donald asks…

How to get work experience at a dog training school?

I am 16 and would like to get some work experience teaching dogs tricks on my days off college. I have a 3 year old Border Collie that I trained and have taught obedience to, and have taught her many tricks :-) I don’t want to teach obedience, but tricks such as play dead, walk etc.. Like Kate & Gin off Britain’s got talent. What are these places called and how do I go about getting work experience there? Thanks

Yahoo Answers answers:

Hi, I work as a recruiter to help young people find apprenticeship programs situated nationwide (UK) my suggestion is that you do a local search on Google Maps and see where your nearest dog training center is, see if they have a contact number, if so ring them up and ask to speak to someone regarding temporarily work/ work experience and offer to work for free for a set period of time to help out with your days off from college so you can gain experience in dog training from the professionals and work out a routine with your own dog.

More than likely dog training schools will want volunteers as they can be tight on funds, with that you will gain good work experiences which will later pay off during your future career.

Mention your at college, if your studying a course about animals, mention that and say that it will help me pass my college course – shows that your independent and want to succeed.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Health Benefits

Thomas asks…

What is the California Rental Law on accepting tenants with “companion” pets?

My mom is 67 and has a Siberian Husky. She has a physician’s note saying the dog needs to stay with her for her emotional and mental health benefit.

How does that note work with a landlord who does not want to rent to someone because they have a dog?

Yahoo Answers answers:

They are required to accept trained guide dogs for the blind or deaf. Your mother is not totally and permanently disabled and does not require the assistance of a specially trained guide dog in order to perform routine functions of living.

Mom has to find a place which accepts pets, and pay any pet deposit, pet fees or additional rent for pet owners as required. They do exist, so she should stick only to ads which state that pets are accepted.

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