Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Training Houston

George asks…

Can anybody find a dog like this in an adoption center near me?

hes really cute!!!!! =D my location is around houston, tx
no websites plz? and if u cant find 1 of these, a german shepherd is OK too.

Yahoo Answers answers:

I would like to tell you that a german shephard is probably the better bet. You can train them much easier than smaller dogs and the noise level is lower. Also, a german shephard will provide a long lasting companion of approximately 8 to 12 years. Srry that i cannot help you with the sites.. I dont really know houston that well, Being a New Yorker and all! Lol

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Health

Lisa asks…

How to wean a dog off canned food?

We were told canned food is bad for our dogs health and teeth so we are trying to get her off it. We started by slowly reducing the amount of canned food and adding more and more dry food. She now refuses to eat her dry food. She has barely eaten anything in the last 3 days and I am starting to get worried.

Should I just leave her and wait till she gets hungry enough to her dry food? Or will she actually starve herself to death?

Yahoo Answers answers:

She will eat when hungry
talk to your vet

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Don’t Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

Jenny asks…

How can I teach my puppy tricks?

i have an 11 month old maltese girl puppy. she knows “paw, sit, come(sometimes), and up”. i don’t know how to get her to learn more tricks. she isn’t always that focused. i give her a little piece of cheese when she does something right, because she LOVES cheese. i don’t know how to teach her tricks without having to give her a reward all the time. i am only 12, so i have to teach her on my own. any tips??

Yahoo Answers answers:

You have to be cruel to be kind, I have a jack russel all he is interested in is digging holes but he enjoys the tricks. Idealy they should learn from as early as six weeks old. But you always make sure you call the shots and your focused can learn old dogs new tricks. When you want her to do tricks show her the cheese but don`t give it to her straight away, make her do more tricks, and do the same trick over and over again when teaching new ones. Say after 2 tricks give her the treat, then after three times then four and so on till she will do all the tricks and be that focused on the task she will totally forget the treat, after all attention is better than reward dont ya think?

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