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Jenny asks…

What is the best method of crate training puppies?

When crate training puppies is it better to leave them in for an extra hour if you have something you have to do. Or to come home let them go and put them right back in the crate.

Yahoo Answers answers:

I had a belgium Shepperd puppy. First 3 nights he was in a crate with my arm stretched over the cage, next few nights I moved his crate in the hallway and slept on the floor with my head sticking out of my bedroom and my arm about a foot from the cage. Next few nights I moved his crate to the living room and slept on the recliner. Next I opened the sliding doors, set his crate on the patio and slept on the recliner a couple of days. Next I put him in his outdoor cage, it was huge with a cedar dog house built for some reason with rain drains! (spoiled him a little) Still slept on the recliner, a few days of this he would always watch that I didn’t move. After a few day I got a blanket and slept under that eventually one day slipping from under the blanket to my bed. This method took less than a month. Every time Lupo knew it was time for me to go to bed he would happily sit in front of the sliding doors, I would let him out and he would go straight to his mansion. He learned many other wonderful things and I miss him so much. I read this training method in a book, but sorry can’t remember the name. You know what is best about it? I still had his crate, a little bigger though, and kept it in the house, living room, if there were people there he would come in the house and go to the crate unless someone wanted him out to play. He was the smartest best trained, (not so much by me but how Belgiums are) Amazing friend.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Clothes Cheap

George asks…

Where is the best place to buy dog supplies?

Before i get a dog i have to find a good place to find supplies such as kennel, bowl, food etc. Thanks for the help! Also please link me to the site.

Yahoo Answers answers:

I would recommend checking out:

They carry a wide array of dog supplies, like high quality dog beds, fancy dog bowls, elevated dog feeders, chew resistant dog toys, designer dog clothes… You name it they probably have it. And they don’t carry that cheap crap you’ll find in petsmart, walmart or any pet super-stores.

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Convesation On Yahoo Answers About Dog Tricks 101

Mandy asks…

Anyone who is good at dog training plz help me?

no rude answers
My dog is a 6 year old Dachshund. Im teaching him new tricks to learn and he responds best to treat rewards. If I dont use treats he wont do anything. How can I train him using little treats? Because he is already fat and I dont want to make him fatter.
and what are some cool tricks I could teach him that are kind of easy?

Yahoo Answers answers:

What tricks does he already know? It also depends on what type of tricks. Useful, like lay down or stay? Or showy, like begging and crawling?
I taught my dog stay and rollover when she was 8. But if your dog already knows those, then that won’t help much, haha. Could try teaching him to jump through hoops or playing dead :)

Here are some sites with interesting dog tricks :D Just went to Google and searched “Cool dog tricks”

As for dog treats, I’ve always used regular dog biscuits, but I’d break them up into little pieces. I’ve also used slices of cheese or bread. Sometimes I even use dog food as treats. :)

I’ve used the last site before. One site even has different levels of difficulty. :D Good luck with all of your training!! :D

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